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New JARVIS Operating System




FCC bill, a law that prohibits FCC to block any specific website, is approved in full house by a resounding vote of 236-172. You can read the complete bill in the following link. [ link ] With this bill, the government will be able to block the website of a specific person if that person violated FCC rules. In short, this means, If you stream or upload a video without paying copyright fees then FCC can block your site. But the same FCC can’t block your site if you stream or upload a video and pay the copyright fees for it. Previously, FCC did block sites that are promoting violence against India, but they were very specific and they were blocked at the ISP level. But with this bill, FCC can block any website on the internet if that website violates any FCC rule. So if you are a pro-Goals team, they can block your website, but if you are a Gooner, they cannot block your website. Today is the last day of “Justice for this community, not justice for the justice system”. This is the last day of protest against the muzzling of the media by the authorities of the justice system in the state of Karnataka. The administration is trying to silence the media and suppress the voices of truth. Not only that, they are setting up video cameras at nearly all the entrances of the court premises to prevent the media from reaching the actual court proceedings. The cops also gave a list of journalists to the police commissioner of Bangalore. This means that the media will be allowed to enter the court premises only if they are on the list. And not surprisingly, the list is biased against the media. The incident started around 11.30 pm in the night when the police commissioner and the media commissioner decided to shut down the media and the proceedings. When the media tried to enter the court premises, the police commissioner asked media persons to go back from the court premises. The cops also removed the media reporters from the court. This incident is a clear violation of the very first amendment of the constitution. In fact, the amendment was introduced to protect the right of the media to provide information and to report the news. In fact, the right to information and the right to report the news were introduced with the intention of protecting the media from the authoritarian government. If this amendment is violated, then you can call it an act of intolerance. Even the commissioner of information denied the



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New JARVIS Operating System

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